GIOVANNI Cosmetics - Hair Frizz Be Gone, 2.75 Fl Oz


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Frizz Be Still, Frizz Be Gone This little bottle contains the perfect aid to rescue you from frizz. The super-smoothing serum within controls frizz, adds shine and conditions.

It even works to help lock in hair color. So many hair issues – gone. The only thing not gone is style! This hair serum will not dull, strip color, or damage your hair.

It’s color-safe, paraben- free, and cruelty-free. Look in the Ingredients tab for a listing of USDA certified organic ingredients.

Giovanni hair care bridging the gap between natural and salon quality. Controls frizz adds shine, humidity control, conditions, smooths, detangles, helps stop breakage, extreme heat protection, improves elasticity and seals in color.