Concise Home Salon Professional Hair Steamer and Conditioning Machine with Rolling Floor Stand

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This professional hair steam machine is suitable for beauty salons and home environments. Hair Steam is ideal for various hair types of treatment, conditioning hair and scalp. Hair steam is an excellent way to keep your scalp healthy and clean. It helps products, moisture, essential oils, etc. to penetrate your hair and improve the hair and scalp condition. Let the hair restore and enhance the nutrients of the hair & scalp.

You do not need to shut down and add water. A waste pot below the machine collects drip or residual moisture without letting water and oil drop on you.

Easy to operate, user-friendly. Dual gear adjustment, 400W and 750W two kinds of power regulation. According to the needs of your hair at different times, adjust the power required. Built-in 60-minute timer, the operation more flexible. At the same time, you can manually open the vent to release excess water vapor at the top of the hood.

Flexible use. 35cm diameter hood, built-in uniform outlet pipe. The hood can be adjusted to 90 degrees. Four wheels can be adjusted at any time for different scenarios. The height is also adjustable, from a minimum of 115cm to 150cm, adjusted as needed.

The product passed the CE certification, built-in thermostat controller, when there is no water, the machine will automatically stop working to ensure your safety. The device has a 1.5-meter long three-wire power cord. British BS certified three-pin plug, please rest assured to buy.