About Us

Our mission is to be a leading store tackling systematic inequality and closing the Black-White wealth gap by supporting Black-owned beauty and fashion businesses through the promotion of their brands, and provision for Black women.

My business is promoting local Black-owned brands and putting them at the forefront in an industry whose consumers are majorly Black, and its producers, White. It is catering to the beauty needs of Black women with products developed by people like them who understand their struggles.

As common with most black-owned businesses, the business received no support from people around me at first. However, the goal of making available quality products by Black people for Black people, and changing the financial standing of these local businesses to close the wealth gap kept me at it. We often have to research and enlist each product one after another.

My business is built for the community. For every Black-owned product we list in the store, we are supporting and promoting the producer and invariably making such product available for anyone, majorly black women who will like to purchase it.

"It always seems impossible until it's done." --Nelson Mandela.